Articulate aims to do what it says on the tin: to explain, to express my ideas about art clearly and coherently, to take art and culture out of the frame for a close-up look.

So many people enjoy art, but find it hard to make a connection or ‘read’ the work for themselves, whether a cutting-edge contemporary installation or especially, a historical painting from centuries past. I want to approach art with fresh eyes to explore its place in contemporary culture and rethink its position in history, to make it clearer, more engaging and more immediately relevant to our world. Articulate is a reminder that art is a much more intriguing story once you get beneath the surface.

I also get paid to do so: I have written for galleries and organisations such as Experimenta Media Arts, art journals like Artlink and prestige magazines including Il Tridente and Fast Thinking, among others. Here you will find a collection of both published and unpublished articles, essays, reviews and other musings to spark your interest and reading pleasure.

I am based in Melbourne, Australia, where I have been known to utter art-historical heresy at the University of Melbourne. I am available for research, consultancy, and writing work; simply contact me.


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